Ordering/Shipping info


Place the item(s) you want in your cart. When you are done shopping, click on the cart in the left menu and select your country. Then click on checkout and you will be directed to the payment website.

To reduce risks a phone number is required to order. The delivery service will be able to call you when your package cannot be delivered. Easier for both of us!


All posters are sent in a strong tube.

I provide shipping numbers for all 'packages', unless you ordered something that fits into a mailbox (shirt for example)

Shipping prices do not alwayinclude insurance. I usually send all 'packages' insured, but for envelopes, it can get pricy sometimes so by default there is no insurance. If you want to check or guarantee your order to be insured, please send an e-mail with your order number by clicking here. I will calculate your new shipping price if necessary.

Please take into account that orders are usually shipped in batches once a week. Depending on the delivery location, your order can take up to 2-3 weeks to arrive. Thank you!

Transport Damage

If the product is lost or you, upon receiving, notice that the item has been damaged during transport, you should report this to me. I am not responsible for packages that are damaged or lost during shipping, but I can always investigate your shipment and might be able to find a solution since most orders are insured!

Products are always checked to be in perfect condition when shipped, and are packed in a sturdy poster tube.

Thanks for stopping by!